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Cybersecurity faces unique types of challenges that are threatening if you are not ready to battle them. Suppose you are a company leader navigating the newly enhanced digital landscape and the hybrid work setup. In that case, it can be overwhelming to hear the terms data breaches, ransomware attacks and software supply chain threats.

Prepare yourself and your team better by familiarising yourself with the threats you may encounter and how cyber threat intelligence can help you.

1. Hybrid Multi-Impact Threats

In recent years, more companies have faced the threat of ransomware attacks. Although cyber threats have always been a severe issue, with the growing number of digital devices, the number of cyber threat indicators has also expanded.

In 2022, cyber threats will have a more complex level. It is because emerging threats are dealing with the combination of hardware, software, cloud and mobile devices. These threats may include ransomware attacks, Internet of Things (IoT) devices and hidden backdoors.

2. Hybrid AI Human Exploits

As cybercrime continues to evolve, the attacks are becoming more sophisticated. Cybercriminals are already competing with sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning. These technologies will be widely used in the near future, allowing cyber attackers to find hidden vulnerabilities within a massive volume of data.

Cybercriminals will also use AI to launch more aggressive attacks, stealing and manipulating data using Phishing.

AI and machine learning will not just be used for cyberattacks but also for counter-cyberattacks. You need to integrate cyber threat intelligence into your detection and response programs to survive such threats.

3. Hybrid Multi-Mode Malicious Cyberactivity 

Cybercrime attacks used to be deployed in one of two ways, but today, attacks are dramatically becoming more sophisticated. Attacks may be launched in a multi-modal way with multiple sources of threats, aiming to use stolen information.

In 2022, hybrid behaviour will be common for new kinds of cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are increasingly relying on multiple methods to achieve the same goal. They use malware, viruses, phishing emails and other vectors to target a more significant number of individuals.

What Is Cyber Threat Intelligence?

Cyber threat intelligence is a combination of threat information, intelligence gathered from various sources, and data on cyber threat actors. It is also used to track cyber threat activities and the attack vectors used by cybercriminals to launch their operations.

Cyber threat intelligence helps companies understand their vulnerabilities and detect the initial stages of attacks. It also allows companies to conduct a more comprehensive response to the attacks by collaborating with law enforcement and security consulting firms.

How Does CTI Work?

1. Operational Intelligence

You should use cyber threat intelligence in operational intelligence to improve the detection and response to various cyber threats. It also helps companies plan and orchestrates a more comprehensive cyber incident response. CTI can also help companies identify potential threats and prevent potential cyber incidents.

2. Strategic Intelligence

Companies may need to use strategic intelligence to develop effective training programs and improve the cybersecurity policies of their company. It also helps to protect critical assets outside the company’s network. The threat intelligence information gathered can be used to develop a cybersecurity strategy and align the organisation’s cybersecurity posture to the changing environment.

3. Tactical Intelligence

Businesses can also use cyber threat intelligence in tactical intelligence to protect the critical assets of the company and the people. It helps companies detect threats faster and make more informed decisions in the operational phase. Tactical intelligence will also help to stop an attack in real-time.

Final Thoughts

Cyber threats are advancing rapidly, making them more complex and sophisticated. You need to integrate cyber threat intelligence into your detection and response programs to handle these threats better.

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