Welcome to Rabbon

Our vision is to empower our customers to act as a driving force in their own digital ecosystem


We strongly believe that cybersecurity must be affordable and accessible for everyone. 


Our mission is to become a trusted partner on your digital transformation journey. 

The reason for our existence

Together, let's build a sustainable world where everyone has a role to play.

We, at Rabbon, firmly believe that digital world is a source of opportunities and progress for all. Combined to a human dimension, it creates a virtuous circle benefiting society as a whole. Rabbon has chosen to be a “contributing” company for building a sustainable world. Our contribution in digital transformation journey is to ensure that all operations, information and infrastructure must be secure.

We anticipate and understand the challenges of digital technology, we strive to better assess their impact on our clients’ and society’s sustainability objectives and advise our clients on the best way forward. We contribute to thought leadership on the impact of digital on society with partners and think tanks. We thus help our clients to meet their own sustainability challenges.

We work with our employees, customers, partners, suppliers and society to deliver sustainable transformations. We aim to have a positive impact on society by making innovation useful and available to the widest range of people in a responsible and ethical way.

At Rabbon, we believe that collectives and diversity are strengths for our Group. Our teams draw inspiration from individuals’ unique characteristics and rely on their open-mindedness to grow together.

Our Values

Quality we strive for excellence in our delivery to add value to our customers.


We earn trust by demonstrating the highest standards of honesty and ethical behaviour. 


We are here to help and delight our customers.


We challenge the status quo and our team is always focused to deliver innovative solutions to our customers’ challenges.

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