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Security has been a growing concern all over the world, especially with the threats that exist within cyberspace. Many professionals and specialists in Australia are weighing in on how to best grapple with these issues, but there’s been a projected shortage of talents available. Some companies may be left vulnerable as there aren’t enough cyber security officers to go around.

There are plenty of solutions that you can seek from cybersecurity services, though. CISO-as-a-Service seems to be quite effective for a number of organisations. If you’re curious about the service and how it could potentially contribute to your security system, keep reading.

1) What Is a CISO-as-a-Service?

CISOs, or chief information security officers, are security executives who are focused on protecting the data and technology of a business. Retaining a CISO can be rather expensive, and the aforementioned talent shortage has done nothing but increase most of the rates. Australia’s security executives are already making almost $190,000 for a full-time gig.

Top companies aren’t the only ones who require security management though, as everyone is vulnerable. As an alternative to getting a CISO while protecting your information and equipment, CISO-as-a-Service is established. This solution offers to address the demand and gap in the market, equipping small and medium-sized businesses with proper cybersecurity management.

2) How Does CISO-as-a-Service Go?

CISO-as-a-Service may operate on-site or remotely when managing the cybersecurity of your organisation, depending on the provider and the protection needs of a business. Essentially, a team will be taking upon the responsibility of an actual CISO, performing their duties to ensure your information and equipment is safe and sound.

This team will be collaborating with your organisation to identify the risks with your security and strengthen the data protection within your operations. CISO-as-a-Service would be present when planning and managing the implementation of those measures as well.

3) What Does a CISO-as-a-Service Do?

As mentioned above, flexibility is an important factor when seeking out CISO-as-a-Service from a provider. Every business deserves to get cybersecurity management, and you should be able to get quality service for what you can afford. Ask about the pricing to gauge what CISO-as-a-Service package your business can attain.

Search for professionalism and experience as well. Getting a CISO-as-a-Service team with no expertise about cybersecurity may just do more harm than good to your organisation, so invite solutions rather than risks to your team.


Every individual and group is prone to cyberattacks nowadays, especially with so many migrating to the digital space. Avoid compromising your data and operations by seeking out CISO-as-a-Service to counter these threats and prep your cybersecurity for the future.

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