APRA CPS 234 Compliance

Secure your financial assets from cyber risk by complying with CPS 234. APRA CPS 234 is proven to be the best approach adopted by financial institutions.


Compliance with APRA 234 reduces cyber risks

With exponential technology innovation in the financial sector, new vulnerabilities and cyber risks have become evident. Financial institutions are listed as top impacted industries by cyber threats. APRA has recognised that as we enter a new digital age, financial institutions need to defend against these threats. APRA created CPS 234 standard and CPG 234 to standardise cybersecurity practices within the financial sector.

Benefits of the APRA CPS 234

Resilient to Cyberattacks

CPS 234 is designed to ensure APRA-regulated entities are resilient to cyber-attacks and other security threats. Compliance with CPS-234 ensures that entities can respond promptly should a notifiable data breach or other security incidents occur.

Reduce Risk

Compliance with CPS-234 reduces cyber risk and improves cybersecurity by requiring that APRA-regulated entities maintain an information security capability commensurate with their information security vulnerabilities and threats.

Competitive advantage

Compliance with CPS 234 provides a positive reputation for your organisation and distinguishes you from your competitors who are not certified or compliant with CPS 234.

Assess, Plan, Engage and Recommend

Engage Rabbon to perform a gap assessment to understand current compliance posture and identify gaps. Our highly trained consultants will prioritise the gaps according to severity of exposed data/information. Our consultants will provide the industry’s best available advice, roadmaps and recommendations to make you CPS 234 Compliant.
With years of experience, we have developed compliance questionnaires, tools and methodologies which will accelerate the process of compliance.

Complimentary Assessment

Rabbon can provide a two hour complimentary Assessment to provide you a bird eye view of your compliance posture.

In-house developed tools

Our tools are efficient in providing information regarding non-compliance with CPS 234 domains

Comprehensive report

We will provide a comprehensive report of assessment and debrief all stakeholders with the content of the report and future recommendations.

Roadmap to compliance

Our consultants will provide you a roadmap with recommendations. We will provide your quick wins, short term and long terms action plans to gain CPS 234 compliance

CPG 235 Data Risk Management

Our consultants will help you build a data risk management framework based on CPG 235 to ensure your fintech is completely aligned with APRA recommendations.


APRA CPS-234 compliance is not anti-business.