CACS provides integrated security

With cloud infrastructures, security is best when it’s built in, not bolted on

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Secure Cloud deployments

CACS is a comprehensive cloud security solution, it consists of multiple components to ensure secure cloud operations. CACS includes blueprints, audit and compliance packages.

Cost Effective Cloud Deployments

CACS ensures that you are in control of your cloud deployments. Blueprints along with the cloud catalog service provide you with control and minimize shadow IT.

Audit and Compliance

CACS offers a cloud audit and compliance package. CACS can ensure that your cloud is always compliant with regulations and standards. such as GDPR, PSPF. With this package you can operate your cloud in compliance with standards ISO, NIST.

Use cases

Faster Deployment Cloud Infrastructure

Blueprints create workflow for rapid cloud infrastructure deployment.

Centralized compliance management

All compliance requirements can be embedded in the infrastructure using blueprints and cloud catalogue. All controls must be monitored to ensure compliance.

Access control at infrastructure levels

Access control can be embedded into blueprints for restricting access, ultimately preventing access leakage.

Hardening of infrastructure

Hardening guides from CIS benchmark, CCM and cloud best practices ensure hardened cloud infrastructure deployments

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