CISO as a Service

Cybersecurity is your business' biggest threat and hardest to manage


Having a CISO is more important than ever and more expensive if you find a good one

Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) is the senior-level executive within an organisation responsible for developing and maintaining the enterprise governance program to ensure information assets and technologies are adequately protected. Many small and mid-size businesses can’t afford to attract and retain a full-time CISO to ensure comprehensive oversight and security architecture. Hire Rabbon as your vCISO to raise the standard of cybersecurity in your organisation. We can deliver vCISCO services that suit your budget.

Benefits of the CISO as Service


A CISO is accountable and capable of driving a cyber security program to maintain high standards of security within your organisation.

Resource Optimisation

Hiring a CISO will ensure that your organisation is utilising resources and budget in an efficient and effective way.

Improved Reputation

Hiring a CISO will enhance your organisation’s reputation and trustworthiness within your current and future customers.

Don't push your CIO to do CISO job

Hire Rabbon as your vCISO for a cost effective alternative to hiring a full time CISO. We can work to advise your board members on cyber security and to support your CIO for cybersecurity related tasks.

Bundle Services

Hiring a vCISO from rabbon will provide access to our complete bundle of services and knowledge base.

Flexible Services

Our vCISO services are flexible. We can work on an hourly, daily or weekly basis providing you maximum financial security and flexibility.


Protect your organisation from rising unseen cyber threats.