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Cloud Monitoring involves monitoring the cloud-based IT environment by assessing the performance of the components such as cloud storage, networks, middleware, and operating systems. The process involves manual or automated techniques based on the application components. It includes monitoring the service, resource and performance metrics to ensure high-level availability.

This helps deliver the cloud computing system at its peak performance and ensure quick resolution of issues if they occur. A combination of manual and automated monitoring is a must for quick disposal of cloud computing issues.

You can analyse the system performance and use resources by knowing the performance metrics. If you detect any issues in the system, you can take the necessary steps to resolve them. Cloud monitoring helps in maximising the value of the cloud.

To help you further understand cloud monitoring, let’s take a look at its types and benefits. Here’s what you need to know:

Types of Cloud Monitoring

Website Monitoring

Site monitoring is a critical part of ensuring site availability. A monitoring system checks whether the website is up and running. It also helps detect any problems with the website and provides it is available 24/7.

Using analytics and artificial intelligence, websites have become more complex than ever. They are also updated with regular content frequently. It becomes necessary for you to constantly monitor a website to know how it performs and optimise its performance.

Virtual Machine Monitoring

Primarily, businesses utilise IT infrastructure to provide their services. Virtual Machine Monitoring helps ensure the high availability and performance of virtual machines. It offers metrics to identify the virtual machines which are not performing well.

Virtual Machine Monitoring helps in providing performance data on CPU, memory, network, and disk utilisation. It also helps monitor resource usage, disk utilisation, and disk space.

Cloud Storage Monitoring

Cloud storage helps in cost-saving and enables the users to store the data in a cloud-based environment. Cloud storage management involves monitoring the capacity and performance of the storage systems.

It helps in keeping an eye on storage capacity and performance metrics. You can even monitor storage utilisation to monitor the disk space to ensure that it is effectively used.

Benefits of Cloud Monitoring

Cloud monitoring helps in maximising the value of the cloud. There are many benefits of cloud monitoring, which you need to know. Let’s take a look at some benefits:

Costs Reduction

Cloud monitoring can help in reducing costs. Knowing how each cloud resource is used helps in lowering the costs. Automated tracking of cloud storage can help optimise the storage and reduce storage costs.

Performance Improvement

Cloud monitoring helps in improving the performance of the cloud. It helps in identifying the performance bottlenecks in the system. It also helps identify the memory utilisation, which helps in optimising it and improving the performance of the cloud.

Security Compliance

Cloud monitoring helps in ensuring high-level security. Using the available resources in the cloud appropriately helps provide that there is no misuse of the resources. Cloud monitoring helps eliminate the risks, which are a result of misusing the cloud resources.

The Bottom Line

Cloud monitoring can help you improve the performance of your cloud. Monitoring the cloud system is an integral part of cloud management.

There are many cloud monitoring types, including virtual machine monitoring, cloud storage monitoring, and website monitoring. You can easily monitor your cloud systems and resolve any errors to improve the performance of the cloud.

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