Security of cloud is best when built-in not when bolted on.

With Cloud technology, it becomes vital for organisations to re-design their applications, operations and security. Our Cloud Advisory service enables our client to define their evolution strategy with a roadmap. At Rabbon, our cloud security consultants will help you create a clear and complete vision of your cloud-based digital transformation.


Cloud Strategy

Build a resilient cloud strategy to incorporate current and future infrastructure and application requirements. A successful strategy will include data governance and access management in the cloud environment. It is extremely important to include cost management of the Cloud GRC.

Cloud GRC Program

Depending on your business needs the cloud environment will differ and so will your organisation’s GRC program. Implement a risk-based approach to ensure the security of the cloud. Meeting compliance requirements is extremely important in cloud infrastructures. In terms of security your organisation must be compliant with multiple standards like IS27001, GDPR, Privacy 1988, APRA CPS 234 CCM.

Cloud Audit and Monitoring

It is quite easy to lose control over cloud infrastructure. Rabbon offers an AI-driven cloud audit program CACS that enables you to audit your cloud deployments in real-time. We can implement custom compliance rules to your cloud infrastructure to manage compliance with industry security standards.

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