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We watched crime dramas revolve around a criminal who hacked government agencies. However, this plot is no longer fictional. It can happen to us, to you. 

Unfortunately, most small businesses can ill afford an in-house IT team. Thankfully, there is a way around this; engaging in cyber security consulting firms. Before you brush this idea aside as another propaganda, you should read this article carefully. 

We have tapped into the expertise of several cyber security consulting firms to present to you the different network security red flags. Here are some of them:

Too Many Attempts to Connect with Your Domain

If someone wants to hack your system, they will try as much as possible to gain access to your network. However, their attempts to connect with your domain could indicate that you are being targeted for a cyber attack. If you have noticed suspicious activity, you should prevent a possible intrusion no matter what.

Hackers will often try to connect with your domain name to see whether you have made any changes to your server. It is the first indicator that your networks have been infiltrated. 

Access Efforts on Non-Standard Firewall Ports

Cyber security consulting firms say that many hackers will often make multiple attempts to access your firewall as a way of gaining access to your network. They will often try to enter ports that are not standard, such as your SSH (secure shell) ports. A high number of connection attempts on these ports indicates that someone may have attempted to breach your network.

Cybercriminals will often try to access your server through your firewall. It is because they will do everything to gain control over your domain.

You may also find that hackers try to access closed ports. Firewalls are designed to block external attacks. However, they can be compromised if they detect abnormal traffic coming from the external network. 

Unusual Messages from So-Called Business Contacts

You may receive unusual messages and emails that appear to be from your business contacts. However, it could be a scam. 

Hackers will often send messages from the email address of a business associate or a similar domain name. You may think that someone is trying to reach you with a business matter, but they’re only doing this to get your attention with a motive of hacking you. 

Ransomware Alerts

Ransomware messages could also be a sign that you are being targeted. These hackers will often send out messages to individuals, claiming they have hacked into your computer system. They may send an alert claiming that they have taken everything on your hard drive. 

If you receive a ransom message saying that you need to pay money to access your files, but you are unsure whether you have been hacked, you should make sure that your network has not been compromised.

Cyber attackers will make a lot of money from the ransom. Therefore, they will continue to target individuals and businesses from all over the world. You should make sure that your network is secure. You can use a firewall to block external attacks. 

Cyber security consulting firms recommend that you check whether your firewall is up to date. You should also run virus detection software on your computer system and check your emails regularly to know about any potential threats.


We cannot emphasise the importance of being cyber-secure enough. You can use these crucial clues to know if you have been hacked to prevent or discover a cyber attack. 

If you want to carry out an intensive cyber security analysis in your network, you should contact Rabbon. As a cyber security analyst, we can determine your vulnerable areas and boost your network security, so talk to us now!

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