Cybersecurity Assessment

Cybersecurity Assessment helps you determine security posture by identifying threats, vulnerabilities and risks.


The first step of your cybersecurity journey

Most organisations are in the early stages of the cybersecurity journey and don’t know where to start. Organisations build infrastructure that serves their business goals without considering cybersecurity. Without standard processes and technology, security can be of great concern. A cybersecurity assessment is performed from a high-level perspective to review an organisation's people, processes and technology (PPT).

Benefits of Cybersecurity Assessment

Identify current posture

Cybersecurity Assessment will identify threats, vulnerabilities and risks to your critical assets. It is a form of high-level security risk assessment.

Control Effectiveness

A Cybersecurity assessment will measure the effectiveness of the technical and non--technical security controls deployed in your organisation.

Proven Methodology

A cyber security assessment is performed using proven and standardised methodologies. The cybersecurity review is aligned with NIST CSF.

Cybersecurity Assessment - Tailored to meet your requirements

Our cybersecurity assessments are developed with great flexibility that can be tailored to your needs. You can choose to perform a review of a specific zone, only Policies and Procedures or only on technology. Our experts will provide you with an honest scope. If you are just beginning the cybersecurity journey, maybe you don’t need a gap assessment, you just need a roadmap.

Complimentary Consulting

We provide the first consulting session that is complementary to our customers. We believe our customers must not pay for discussing their challenges with us.

Flexible Security Assessment

Choose the scope and outcome of the review from available options. Flexibility will help you maximise value for money.

Cybersecurity Maturity Assessment

Rabbon has refined the Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to enable a maturity assessment of your security against industry standards.


Each security review will provide gaps in security with recommendations to help you fill the gaps.

Roadmap to improvement

The outcome of this exercise is a roadmap guiding you to a strong security posture with achievable milestones. We will provide you with quick wins, short term and long term milestones.


Looking how to improve your security operations? Speak with our team.