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Organisations should always want to find out how secure the organisation is and what their current cyber posture looks like. If an organisation does not perform regular cyber reviews and assessments, it is impossible to find vulnerabilities and weak areas and it is guaranteed that a cyber criminal will find them.

What is a Cyber Security Review?

A cyber security review provides an independent and in-depth assessment of the ability of an organisation to protect its information assets from the impact of cyber threats. The cyber security review aims to establish and validate the effectiveness of cyber security measures. It also identifies vulnerabilities in an IT system and matches them to potential internal and external cyber threats.

Rabbon ensures cyber security reviews are well aligned with industry standards like NIST.

cyber security framework

How to perform a Cyber Security Review?

  1. Define the Scope of the security review.
  2. Gather information
  3. Perform the gap analysis
  4. Perform a risk assessment
  5. Build remediation plans

Is it worth performing a cyber security review?

Absolutely YES! Here is why. Without a security review, any organisation would be unaware of vulnerabilities in its cyber operations. Cyber security is an ongoing process, therefore, it is critical to identify key threats and risks. Additionally, a security review will provide the status of the effectiveness of cyber security controls.

What is the outcome of a cyber security review?

A report detailing the gaps with NIST CSF, controls and recommendations to improve security posture. The report will address all categories of NIST, a maturity score of your organisation in regards to each category and subcategories.

Generally, a report will provide you with a chart with your organisation’s current and target security posture.

A security review is an essential milestone in your secure digital transformation journey, especially for SMBs. We have noticed that SMB’s or startups build their organisation infrastructure to support certain business goals and in the initial phases, security is not a focus. However, once an organisation has reached a certain level, security becomes essential for its existence. A security review will help such organisations to identify the gaps in their current infrastructure and continue their journey securely.

What’s next?

The next step to a cyber security review is a cyber security audit. A security review will identify and prioritise the most critical assets within your organisation. A security audit includes analysis of critical assets for vulnerabilities, in-depth analysis of scoped components like firewalls, servers and in some cases security audit may include penetration testing of infrastructure and solutions.

Cybersecurity is what we do

Rabbon is a Cybersecurity company based with offices in Sydney and Melbourne. We lead a team of Cyber security Consultants and GRC Consultants, who help organisations become cyber resilient by providing access to effective and affordable cybersecurity services. We believe that “Cybersecurity is for everyone

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