Cybersecurity Strategy

A solid cyber security strategy act as a launchpad for your organisation's success.
By identifying the cyber capabilities that require the focus of the board and translating them into an operational, business-enabling function, cyber governance will help you to support and achieve business objectives, manage risk, build trust and measure performance.


Cybersecurity should be top priority for any business

Cybersecurity strategy is the component of enterprise governance that treats organizational dependence on cyberspace in the presence of adversaries as a domain of enterprise risk management. Cybersecurity governance is increasingly recognized as one of the most critical components to achieving business goals.

A cyber security strategy can enhance product integrity, business operations, customer experience, and regulatory compliance by developing a strong security culture within your organisation.

Rabbon provides Cyber Security Strategy services for assessing, and identifying gaps or possible areas of evolution in an organization’s cybersecurity governance structures and practices.

Our Cyber governance program is based on our cyber security model of 3 Ps: Plan Protect Predict.

Our Cyber governance program is based on our cyber security model of 3 Ps: Plan Protect Predict.


We help you build cyber security strategies aligned with your business goals. Our experts will help you build IT governance programs including data governance, Information Security Governance. Our cyber risk advisors help you develop risk management standards and processes. We will help you identify your compliance requirements and build a resilient cyber security program to reduce compliance risks.


Our experts will help you build a cyber security program to identify critical assets and data. Our program detail the data, application and identity Security. We will help you identify the security products required to enhance your cyber security.


Our experts will help you build use cases to monitor your infrastructure. We will identify the critical and sensitive infrastructure, then build monitoring and alerting strategies to ensure maximum visibility over your mission-critical assets. Our Firehawk solution is equipped with the industry's best threat intelligence and AI/Machine learning systems.

Our Cyber Strategy Services

  • Develop and advise on cyber and information security risk and governance strategies.
  • Design and evaluate governance and compliance frameworks to protect business and information assets.

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Protect your organisation from rising unseen cyber threats.