Data Privacy

Data privacy is the basic right of an individual not a privilege. Australian Privacy Act 1988 protects the privacy of an individual, business or an entity.


Securing Data and Privacy is essential part of business operations

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) should be kept private, such information in the wrong hands, may lead to devastating impacts. Protecting PII requires commitment, organisation’s culture change,new processes and advanced technology. Although,OAIC provides information and guidance to comply with Australian Privacy Act 1988; Australian business needs expert consultants who can provide consulting services in Australian Privacy Act 198, data privacy and data security.

Benefits of the Data Privacy

Privacy by Design

On-board Rabbon in the early stage of the project and leverage our expertise to embed privacy into the design of your solutions and services.

Notifiable Data Breach Services

Rabbon helps you report any notifiable data breaches in case security measures are breached and personal data is unlawfully processed. Our incident response experts can help you investigate data breaches and develop a comprehensive data breach report.

Grow your business

Compliance with the Australian Privacy Act 1988 will demonstrate your commitment to data privacy and security. Gain trust of your customers and accelerate your business growth.

We make Data Privacy Simple for you.

Rabbon delivers comprehensive Data Privacy Services. You can rely on us on data privacy and security while you focus on your business. We are committed to delivering high quality services to ensure your customers’ and peers’ data is secured. Our privacy experts will provide you with recommendations and guidance based on industry best practices and data privacy standards.

Streamline Data Privacy Request

An entity or individual has the right to access their information. Our data subject request service will help you successfully manage such requests effectively and in a timely manner.

Data Privacy Officer on Hire

Your organisation might be lacking resources to manage data privacy. Hire Rabbon as your Data Privacy officer to completely outsource data privacy services.

Data Security Controls

Our security experts will help you build a secure infrastructure to protect data from cyber adversaries.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Our in-house developed DPIA tool can perform privacy assessment faster and help you identify data privacy risks.


Privacy is not an option, It’s your customer’s right.