Essential 8 Compliance Assessments

Rabbon strongly believes that essential eight is not just a compliance requirement but it helps you demonstrate your commitment to cybersecurity.


No single strategy can protect you from cyber threats

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) – Essential 8 risk management framework is a prioritised list of eight mitigation strategies for organizations to address cybersecurity concerns. The Strategies to Mitigate Cyber Security Incidents is a prioritised list of mitigation strategies to assist organisations in protecting their systems against a range of adversaries. The mitigation strategies can be customised based on each organisation’s risk profile and the adversaries they are most concerned about.

Benefits of Complying with Australian Essential Eight

Resource Optimisation

Identifying gaps in compliance will help you allocate resources to optimise cost of controls, HR and technical resources.

Achieving maximum security

Essential provides multi-layered security strategies. The more strategies you adopt, the stronger is your security posture.

Supported by AISM

The ASD Essential 8 complements the advice in the Australian Information Security Manual. Essential 8 is promoted by NSW Cyber Security Policy.

Essential 8 is an on-going compliance requirement

Essential 8 compliance is an ongoing process instead of a single state of compliance..An organisation has to implement all 8 strategies and keep on improving in maturity levels. Rabbon offers expert support to organisations in achieving and improving on essential 8 maturity levels.

Complimentary Assessment

A two hour high-level complimentary Essential Consulting service provided by our expert consultant.

As-Is Compliance Assessment

Rabbon will perform an audit to identify you current compliance posture in Application security controls, Access Controls and Recovery Controls..

Maturity Assessment

Measure effectiveness of People, Process and Technology controls against expected maturity levels defined in Essential 8.

Roadmap to improvement

The outcome of this exercise is a comprehensive report with recommendations and roadmaps aligned with your organisation goals and objectives. We will provide you with quick wins, short term and long term milestones.

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