FAIR Risk Consulting

Gain control over cyber security risks by making informed decisions and optimise your cybersecurity investments.


A paradigm shift in Risk Management

Traditional qualitative risk assessments works well for developing a general understanding of an organisation’s vulnerability posture. However, these analysis do not inform businesses about financial impacts from cyber security incidents making it hard to prioritise the remediation effort to minimise financial loss. Qualitative risk assessment measures probabilities of risk events in simple ordinal scale of Red/Yellow/Green or High/Medium/Low. As a result, the cost benefits analysis is also not optimal. Quantifying cyber risksusing NIST endorsed Open Group FAIR cyber risk quantitification framework helps you identify and, measure the cost of cyber events that will help you make informed financial investment decisions. It is highly critical to know risks associated with IoT / SCADA devices and how to mitigate the risks. Rabbon can provide independent security assessments to identify and rectify security gaps in your organisation.

Benefits of the Service

Informed Decisions

Identify, measure and communicate cyber risks in financial terms improving investment decisions.

Identify Value at Risk (VAR)

International Value At Risk Standard for cybersecurity. FAIR helps to identify the value of assets in calculating the magnitude of Cyber Risks.

Justify the value

Breakdown risks into factors that can be translated to costs and identify loss exposure. Breaking down risks into dollars helps justify the costs associated with cybersecurity.

We make it Simple

Our Experts, at Rabbon, are the leaders in Australia for FAIR standard. Our certified FAIR consultants will help you through FAIR risk assessments, deliver training session to raise awareness in FAIR Standard. Our FAIR Consultants can deliver end to end services to measure cyber risks in financial terms.

Complimentary Assessment

We provide the first consulting session as complementary to our customers. We believe our customers must not pay for discussing their challenges with us.

Critical Asset Assessment

Critical Asset Assessment (CAA) is the first step to identify and prioritise cyber risks. Our expert will use in-house developed tools and methodologies to perform CAA.

FAIR Risk Assessment

A comprehensive assessment to calculate Loss Event Frequency (LEF) and Probable Loss Magnitude (PLM), finality derive and articulate risks.


Our Certified FAIR consultants can deliver training sessions for your risk management staff.


Cyber risk quantification is the future of risk management. Rabbon leverages the FAIR standard for communicating cyber risks in financial terms