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Running a business or organisation is no easy feat. You need to have the drive and focus to successfully manage several aspects of your enterprise, one of which is cyber security.

Cyber security is one aspect that no organisation or business can ignore these days, given the ever-advancing technology that the world can conveniently access.

Ignoring cyber security can mean trouble, and not one that you can easily fix. Fortunately, cyber security consulting firms and tools can assist in this endeavour.

What Do Cyber Security Consulting Firms and Tools Have in Common?

Aside from the apparent, cyber security consulting firms and tools share the commonality in providing cyber security risk assessment.

Cyber security risk assessment is a multi-step assessment process that tries to identify the potential risks and vulnerabilities of an organisation.

With the gathered information, the organisation can then address the said cyber security risks.

What Are the Must-Have Features of a Cyber Security Risk Assessment?

No two cyber security risk assessments are alike. However, for a cyber security risk assessment to be reliable, it must have a few key features, some of which you can see below:

1. The Ability to Measure Cyber Strength Security

Cyber security risk assessments must gauge how well a company or organisation can handle potential cyber security attacks.

This strength measurement may be accomplished through security limit tests, which the consulting firm can then analyse to determine the state of cyber security.

With this ability, you can better learn about the security measures you have in place and their capabilities in handling threats.

2. Built-In Cyber Security Risk Management Tools

It is not feasible to try and resolve all cyber security risks on your own.

Here is where the cyber security risk management tools of a cyber security risk assessment come into the picture.

These tools automate the process of cyber security risk mitigation and assessment, allowing you to focus on other aspects of the business.

3. Integration with Existing Cyber Security Tools

Cyber security risk assessments work best when they integrate seamlessly with your existing cyber security tools.

If they don’t, they may not accurately assess your business’s capabilities.

In order to fully integrate, it is best if your cyber security consulting firm has a strong understanding of your company’s cyber security measures.

4. Live Testing

Live testing of the entire system is required to get a true idea of the business’s cyber security.

Live testing involves probing your entire cyber security system for potential weaknesses, after which your cyber security consulting firm can resolve them and prevent them from happening again.

A cyber security risk assessment is most helpful when it evaluates the current state of your security and provides solutions for potential problems.

5. Vulnerability Assessment (VA) Tests

VA tests are crucial to any cyber security risk assessment. After all, you don’t want your company to be vulnerable to cyber security attacks.

VA tests determine the weaknesses of your company’s system and point out the holes that attackers can take advantage of.

You can then use this knowledge to plug the holes and better your cyber security defences.


The world has become an increasingly hostile place, especially when it comes to cyber security. You have to take all the measures you can to protect yourself from the risks out there. 

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