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Firehawk is our cloud-based SOCaaS solution. Our threat intelligence allows you to detect and remove threats before they can exploit vulnerabilities. Firehawk allows you to onboard your use cases within a week instead of months. Our solution is based on a PROACTIVE rather than a REACTIVE approach to security.

Cloud Based SOC

Firehawk is a cloud based SOCaaS designed to monitor both cloud and on-premises infrastructure. Firehawk is 100% Australian SOCaaS, it is deployed in Australian region.

Highly efficient Threat Intelligence

Firehawk is a threat intelligence platform capable of storing and correlating Indicators of Compromise from targeted attacks, financial fraud information, vulnerabilities or even counter terrorism information

Quick Onboarding

Firehawk was built using the DevSecOps philosophy, allowing our customers to onboard quickly. Our process can significantly reduce the time between defining use cases and alerting in production.

Use cases

Compliance requirements

SOC is a core security infrastructure with access to data from across the enterprise. SOC is required by multiple regulations like PCI DSS, GDPR, PSPF.

Advance Persistent Threats

Using SOC to protect against Advance Persistent Threats.

Threat Landscaping

A threat hunt is proactively conducted to detect new and unknown attacks or breaches. This activity leads to the development of a threat landscape for an organization, ultimately leading to secure operations.

Centralization and consolidation of security functions

Consolidating security functions into one SOC can save money, enable cost sharing, and ultimately create economies of scale while maximizing available expertise, skills, and resources

Maintain Client and Employee Trust

Customers and employees trust companies to keep their data safe from the outside world. SOC helps prevent data loss to maintain brand integrity.

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