General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

Fuse data privacy into your digital transformation business strategies to improve digital trust


Mitigate legal and commercial consequences of GDPR non-compliance

The greater risk for Australian companies lies in the legal and commercial consequences of GDPR non-compliance. Rabbon help organisations become compliant and maintain their position with GDPR.

Benefits of the GDPR Compliance

Privacy by Design

On-board Rabbon in the early stage of the project and leverage our expertise to embed privacy into the design of your solutions and services.

Data Breach Services

Rabbon help you report any data breaches in case security measures are breached and personal data is unlawfully processed. Our incident response experts can help you investigate data breaches and develop a comprehensive data breach report.

Grow your business

GDPR compliance will demonstrate your commitment to data privacy and security. GDPR help you gain the trust of your customers both in Australia and Europe.

Being compliant with the Australian privacy act doesn't make you compliant with GDPR

Our GDPR Consultants have developed a Data privacy methodology and framework to embed privacy practices within your organisation. Our framework will map requirements from various privacy regulations to ensure you are compliant with all compliance liabilities. We will help you maintain compliance with the Australian Privacy Act and GDPR. Our Data privacy methodology:

Streamline Data Subject Request

Our data subject request service will help you successfully manage all data subject requests effectively and in a timely manner.

Data Privacy Officer

Your organisation might be operating in Australia but targeting European Clients. Do you know you can have a single Data Privacy Officer for your organisation? Rabbon offers Data Privacy Officer Services.

Data Security Controls

Our security experts will help you build a secure infrastructure to protect data from cyber adversaries.

Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA)

Our in-house developed DPIA tool can perform privacy assessment faster and help you identify data privacy risks.

Hire a Data Representative

If your organisation is not based in the EU, you need a data representative to offer services to EU clients. Rabbon has partnered with organisations, which can act as Data representatives for your organisation.


Complying with the GDPR is a huge undertaking, but it’s important to understand that it is a business project rather than just an IT or IT security project.