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How to Protect Your Network from Cybercrime

Cybercrime has increased in recent years mainly due to the value of a large quantity of information on the web, which rose due to the exposure of identity information via cloud services. While information theft is at the centre of today’s cybercrimes, that is not the only target. 

Industrial controls managing power grids and infrastructures are also at risk of cyberattacks. These may be disrupted or destroyed by cybercriminals, with the main goal of compromising data integrity through changing or destroying data to create distrust in a government or organisation.

With that said, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated with their methods of crime.

Forms of Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks with ransomware commonly use social engineering or deceptive methods to manipulate individuals into divulging personal or confidential information for use in fraudulent purposes. Common examples include phishing and spyware. 

Some third-party and fourth-party vendors that process data but have poor cybersecurity practices are also a common target of cybercriminals. That makes vendor risk management and third-party risk management more important to do. In today’s cyberspace, information risk management has never been more necessary.

Data breaches may include financial information, such as bank account details and credit card numbers, trade secrets, intellectual property, and other typical targets of industrial espionage. Some of the most common driving forces behind the proliferation of cybercrimes include:

  • The internet’s distributed nature
  • Increasing profitability of commerce in the dark and deep web
  • Increasing usage of mobile devices and the internet
  • The ability of cybercriminals to attack targets outside their jurisdiction
  • The challenge to police cybercrimes

Protect Your Organisation Against Cybercrime

Protect your organisation against cyber attacks in three simple steps:

1.Educate Your Staff

Most data breaches in the past years were caused by human error. However, the one good thing about this is that human error can be avoided when staff is properly educated about cyber attacks. Even if not all cyberattacks will be prevented, at least a majority of them will be. 

Educating your staff about cyber attacks is also a contributing factor to your overall cybersecurity solution investments. That is because it informs staff against bypassing expensive security controls to facilitate cybercrime without their knowledge. 

2. Protect Your Confidential Data

Invest in tools that prevent information loss, and monitor your third-party risk and fourth-party vendor risk. You should also continuously scan for data exposure and leaked credentials. Data leaks could serve as cybercriminals’ access to your internal networks and breach sensitive data when left unattended. It’s necessary to implement a data leak discovery solution that can also monitor leaks throughout the third-party network. 

3.Implement a Third-Party Risk Management Solution

Use technology to reduce costs on specific organisational processes, such as automating sending out vendor assessment questionnaires in your cybersecurity risk assessment strategy overall. 


In today’s cyberspace, companies must ensure that they are sufficiently compliant with industry regulations and protect businesses against cyberattacks. Cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated with their methods by the day, so you must also increase your organisation’s security.

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