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Prioritising information security in your company is vital to your success. One of the most important aspects of data security is managing the certification of your company’s information security controls, which is how you guarantee compliance with SOC 2.

Understanding SOC 2 

A SOC 2 Report is an independent evaluation of the effectiveness of an organisation’s information security management controls. It is an audit of an organisation’s operations performed by a qualified, independent information security body. 

SOC 2 stands for “Service Organization Control” and is a relatively new standard. In the following lines, we will explain some of the most important facts about SOC 2 compliance.

Who Can Request an SOC 2 Compliance Report?

Any organisation can request an evaluation of the effectiveness of its information security management controls. For example, you can hire a company to perform an independent evaluation of the controls in place in your company. This is what is commonly known as an audit service.

Usually, the organisation that wants to perform a SOC 2 compliance report will have to find a qualified independent security assessment body to perform the required evaluation. To be considered qualified, an independent assessor must meet the requirements defined by specific standards.

What Is the Purpose of SOC 2 Compliance?

The main purpose of SOC 2 is to provide independent verification of the effectiveness of an organisation’s information security management controls. These compliance reports are used to prove to decision-making stakeholders that an organisation and its information security management controls are in accordance with relevant standards. SOC 2 compliance reports can also demonstrate that an organisation meets specific requirements required by governmental and other regulatory agencies.

Although obtaining an SOC 2 report is not a requirement, it is a good idea to obtain one when your company’s information security or any of its products and services is critical to maintaining your business relationship with your clients.

Aspects of Your SOC 2 Compliance

The following aspects of information security will be reviewed during the SOC 2 assessment:

  • Information security governance
  • Information security risk assessment
  • Information security management control
  • Information security incident management
  • Information security awareness and training

What Is Considered in a SOC 2 Report?

The SOC 2 report will review the company’s controls related to the identification and assessment of risks, as well as the development and maintenance of policies, procedures, and guidelines related to information security. Other aspects of your SOC 2 compliance will be analysed, such as the security of information systems, the management of access to information systems, and the use of monitoring devices.


Organisations that want to satisfy their customers and comply with the standards set by the government and their clients will find the SOC 2 compliance a very useful tool for achieving their goals. The fact that the SOC 2 certification can prove that an organisation’s information security management controls comply with the standards set by the US government makes it a crucial part of any organisation’s information security management process.

If you are interested in SOC 2 compliance, get the help of skilled professionals who are dedicated to helping you achieve the highest information security standards.

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