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Hacking is often characterised as the process of finding security vulnerabilities and entering into unauthorised access to secure computer systems. Despite having such a general definition, however, hacking is really a form of power. Whether using malware to track someone’s internet activities or using brute force attacks to crack encryption, hackers assert control and often leave their targets feeling threatened and helpless.

However, we now live in the Age of Technology, and there is now such a thing called “ethical hacking”. This comes in the form of penetration testing, which is, in a nutshell, hacking your own computer system to identify vulnerabilities. This blog post will shed light on what penetration testing is and how it benefits a company.

Penetration Testing: What It Is And Why Is It Useful

A penetration test is a simulated attack on a computer system. It is sometimes referred to as ethical hacking, and it is a way hackers find out if you’re vulnerable to cyber attacks.

If a hacker can find out your system’s flaws, then a malicious hacker will do so with the same goal. Penetration testing helps you identify vulnerabilities and protect your assets, which include your software and data.

Why is penetration testing done?

The purpose of penetration testing is to make sure that your company’s computer system is as secure as it is supposed to be. It identifies holes in the system and repairs them in order to ensure that it will be harder for bad actors to infiltrate the system.

Benefits of Penetration Testing

1 – Identify weaknesses in your IT systems

You may not know it, but you could have a vulnerable system that would allow hackers to access your data. Pen Testing products/services by a 3rd party company identify weak spots and allow you to assess them.

2 – Ensure your system is secure enough

If you’re a business owner and want your system to be secure, then you will want to conduct a penetration test to ensure it’s secure enough. A smart move is to identify weak spots in your system, remediate them and then conduct another penetration test to see if anything has changed.

3 – Identify Malware and other security issues

A penetration test allows you to identify malware, viruses, and other security issues. If you’re suspicious about the viability of your security, hire a professional to penetrate your security. This way, you are in a stronger position to protect yourself.

4 – Use the knowledge for future reference

If your system proves to be secure, you can use that information for a possible future attack. By knowing your security’s weaknesses, you can plan ahead and come up with a way to avoid a possible attack.

5 – Avoid damage

Let’s say you have an IT system, and it has vulnerabilities. Penetration testing allows you to find these vulnerabilities and avoid damage. By knowing the security, you can fix it.


Penetration testing should be part of your plan if you’re a business owner and want to protect your company. However, it is important to select a company you can trust to perform the test. You want to hire a cybersecurity company that can penetrate the security and perform the test in a manner you can trust.

If you are looking for a cyber security analyst to help you with penetration testing, contact Rabbon. We are a cybersecurity company that help organisations minimise their cyber risks.

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