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With digital transactions becoming the centre stage of many organisations and businesses, it’s a necessity to own a device and stay connected in the online grid. While this opens an expansive world of accessibility and opportunity to different commercial and official engagements, it can also be a double-edged sword of worry. This is because digital transactions can make people prone to ransomware attacks.

Ransomware is a typical cyber threat strategy targeted against small to medium businesses and even high-value employees. This is because it can severely impact the organisation and its credibility as a service provider. Without protection from ransomware, you’re putting your business at risk of suffering severe losses. A Ransomware assessment is recommended in order to plan and mitigate cyber risks which can lead to a Ransomware attack.

The Threat of Ransomware

The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) defines ransomware as a type of malicious software that compromises your devices or files. It makes your corrupted device or files unusable unless you pay hackers a certain fee, which they’ll usually ask through untraceable means. A popular method is utilising Bitcoin technology to perform these transactions while staying anonymous.

Many company owners have the wrong notion that hackers only attack high-profile businesses. In fact, smaller establishments are easier targets for these criminals since they expect to face lighter cybersecurity solutions. For this reason, businesses need to reinforce their responses to ransomware attacks.

The Value of Protecting Your Business from Ransomware

A company’s staff usually encounters ransomware attacks by getting tricked into clicking malicious links. Although it may seem like a common mistake to avoid, hackers are extremely crafty in hiding these links through SMS texts, impersonator emails, and other means. For this reason, you need to orient your employees to look out for these potential threats.

Here are four workplace practices to protect your business from ransomware:

  1. Orient Your Staff

The first thing you need to minimise is human error. For this reason, you need to hold lectures with your team to educate them about phishing and ransomware attacks. Doing so will help them determine red flags of an oncoming cyberattack, like wrong spellings, threatening language, or even suspicious-looking emails.

  1. Upgrade Your Devices

Ransomware typically affects vulnerable devices with outdated hardware and software to bypass security systems to steal your data. To prevent these breaches from happening, you need to reinforce your devices’ security. Some devices have a limitation on their hardware, while others can be remedied by updating the latest versions of apps and other digital security defenses.

  1. Reinforce Authorisation Processes

Your company data will be at less risk of cyberattacks if you limit their access to a few personnel. Controlling who can access specific sensitive data on your company servers and drives will drastically improve your company’s digital protection. Additionally, it will be easier to track if leaks or data breaches are due to a specific staff member.

  1. Invest in Backups

The best way to fight against cybercriminals is to prevent them from having leverage. If you have backups of your data, you’ll be less likely to be in a compromised position. Backing up your data also serves as a practical advantage of saving previous versions of your files during unintended power outages or corrupted data transfers.


While the steps above can help you mitigate your company’s risk against malware, they’re not a foolproof solution to protect your business. For this reason, you need to seek a consultation from professional cyber security consultants to audit and reinforce your IT infrastructure. Doing so will be an excellent investment for your company’s sustainability while staying protected against various digital threats.

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