Privacy Impact Assessment

Make Privacy Impact Assessment part of your business’s usual way of thinking and build privacy from the start and promote “Privacy by Design” within your organisation.


Privacy is your customers' right, not a luxury

If your project involves Personal Information then it is likely you need to conduct a PIA. It is recommended to perform a Privacy Impact assessment at the beginning of the project to ensure all personal data is safely handled. Depending on the size of the project you might need to conduct more than one PIA. The information does not always have to include details such as an individual’s name to qualify as personal information. It may include other information that can identify an individual or allow their identity to be determined. Personal information may be collected directly from an individual or indirectly from another source.

Benefits of the PIA

Achieve Project Goals

Early identification of privacy risks will ensure that controls are applied to mitigate the risk. Ultimately, leading to successful project completion.

Reduce Cost of Project

Investing in PIA will reduce future costs in management time, legal expenses and potential negative publicity, by considering privacy issues early in a project.

Promote Privacy

PIA may help you become a privacy mature organisation by raising awareness in data privacy and security.

Assess, Plan, Engagae and Recommend

Rabbon will build a comprehensive plan that will help you identify the scope of PIA and the quantity of personal information required for PIA.Our experts will build information flows involved in the project to demonstrate how the project deals with personal information During and after PIA our privacy experts will provide guidance to remove, minimize or mitigate the privacy risks. It is best to implement a variety of controls to optimise privacy.

Requirement Analysis

Not every project will need a PIA. Engage Rabbon for a complimentary pre-engagement meeting perform a requirement analysis

Privacy Risk Assessment

Identify privacy risks in your project design including compliance risks. Rabbon will help you implement technical Controls, Operational controls, Administrative controls to reduce or mitigate the risks.

Roadmap and Recommendations

Our recommendations will identify avoidable impacts of risks and how they can be removed or reduced to a more acceptable level. Our experts will provide a roadmap to improve privacy practices within the organisation.

Response and Review

Responding to recommendations is one of the most important stages of the PIA. Rabbon helps you implement and prioritise the recommendations .


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