Ransomware Readiness Assessment

Rabbon offers a Ransomware assessment to review your organization’s current posture and determine gaps within your business to reduce the risks of being infected by Ransomware.


Ransomware is about manipulating human and technology vulnerabilities

Ransomware is one of the most dangerous forms of malware. Ransomware is listed in Top 10 Cyber threats. To successfully execute a Ransomware attack, an attacker needs to exploit vulnerabilities in your technology stack and employees. An attacker needs to manipulate human behavior to attack technology vulnerabilities. A successful mitigation plan must be two folded, addressing vulnerabilities in People and Technology.

Benefits of Ransomware Assessment

Ransomware Strategy

To pay or not to pay is the question that needs to be answered before building a Ransomware strategy. The strategy can be customised for each asset based on the outcome of Critical Asset Assessment exercise.

Build Resilience

Building cyber resilience is key to countering the Ransomware attacks. Based on the criticality of assets, you need a customised back and restore strategy.

Raise Awareness

Human element is the weakest domain in Ransomware attacks. Raise ransomware awareness within the organisation.

Are you a victim of Ransomware attack?

Rabbon has carefully developed a Ransomware protection package to ensure your organisation is ready for a Ransomware attack. You can choose to engage us for a complete Ransomware package or choose any of the work packages that suits your requirements.

Complimentary Assessment

We provide the first consulting session as complementary to our customers. We believe our customers must not pay for discussing their challenges with us.

Critical Asset Assessment

Critical Asset Assessment (CAA) is the first step to identify and prioritise cyber risks. Our expert will use in-house developed tools and methodologies to perform CAA.

Comprehensive Ransomware Assessment

A comprehensive assessment reviewing people,processes and technology controls to protect you against ransomware.

Access to our 6 month Ransomware Roadmap

Our 6 months Ransomware roadmap is developed with our Cybersecurity Framework Plan, Protect and Predict. Our roadmap is prepared to make you a ransomware ready organisation.

Incident Response and Playbooks

Our experts have developed Incident response exercises and playbooks to help you in the event of a Ransomware attack.

Ransomware Mock Tests

Our security consultants will facilitate ransomware mock test simulations to determine the team’s readiness and identify potential gaps.


Don’t be a victim of Ransomware, it can be avoided.