SCADA Security

Rabbon helps you secure your OT / SCADA systems to ensure uninterrupted operations.Our IoT / SCADA security package improves your IT security postures


Stop Domino chain reaction caused by IoT / SCADA devices

IoT / SCADA devices are built to solve industrial challenges but not security. These devices are important components for industries and are usually located outside datacenters. Inbuilt security in such devices is significantly low as compared to other technologies. Compromising these devices is relatively easy. If compromised, an attacker can take control of your critical assets.
It is highly critical to know risks associated with IoT / SCADA devices and how to mitigate the risks. Rabbon can provide independent security assessments to identify and rectify security gaps in your organisation.

Benefits of SCADA Security Assessment

OWASP IoT Top 10 Project

A proven guidance from OWASP to protect IoT infrastructure. It is designed to cover all attack surface areas and steer IoT /SCADA security programs.

Gain Visibility

Monitor IoT / SCADA devices to discover vulnerabilities before an attacker does. Threat hunting will discover current and future threats to your IoT/SCADA infrastructure.

Improve Security Posture

IoT / SCADA security must be treated as an extended arm of your security program to improve overall security posture.

You focus on business goals while we take care of security

Rabbon offers cyber security services in various domains. We specialise in Governance, Risk and Compliance. Our security portfolio includes IoT/SCADA infrastructure and technologies. We can help you build a peripheral secure infrastructure, processes and technology for uninterrupted business operations.

Complimentary Assessment

A two hour high-level complimentary IoT / SCADA assessment using our in-house developed tool based on NIST CSF and CSA IoT Security Control Framework.

Critical Asset Assessment

Rabbon will help you identify critical assets with IoT / SCADA infrastructure and their dependencies on core network infrastructure.

Comprehensive IoT / SCADA Assessment

Review overall security design and the elements of IoT / SCADA, Identify vulnerabilities and risks. The outcome of the assessment will be a report with identified vulnerabilities, risks and recommendations.

IoT / SCADA Security Testing

Perform an independent security testing (Penetration Testing) of the supporting infrastructure, People, Process and Technology.

Security by Design

Engage Rabbon at early stages of infrastructure deployment. Our experts will help you embed security in the design of the IoT / SCADA systems.


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