Security Risk Assessment

Rabbon performs Security risk Assessments to assess, identify and mitigate cyber risks to protect your organisation from cyber threats.


Knowing is Protecting

A comprehensive cyber risk assessment allows an organisation to identify potential risks in its environment, ultimately leading to an effective cyber security action plan. A cyber risk assessment is critical to improving security and risk posture. Rabbon performs security risk assessments by identifying critical assets and their risk profile to develop a security risk management plan.

Benefits of Security Risk Assessment

Know your attack surface

Security risk assessment helps to build the threat landscape of your organisation. Identifying vulnerabilities and threats help you prepare for future attacks.

Measure Control Effectiveness

Security Risk Assessment measures the effectiveness of controls to help you plan upgrades, change security controls to maximise security.

Resource Optimisation

Security Risk Assessment helps you allocate resources and budget effectively to protect the most vulnerable assets and data.

Security Risk Assessment - A Necessity not an option

Security Risk Assessment is a critical and necessary step to build a security strategy, Security Program and Action Plan.Rabbon performs security risk assessments based on industry standards Like ISO 31000 and best practices from ISACA. Rabbon helps you build the risk profile of your organisation and provide security risk consulting to mitigate the risks.

Complimentary Assessment

We provide the first consulting session as complementary to our customers. We believe our customers must not pay for discussing their challenges with us.

Critical Asset Assessment

Critical Asset Assessment (CAA) is the first step to identify and prioritise cyber risks. Our expert will use in-house developed tools and methodologies to perform CAA.

Comprehensive Security Risk Assessment

A comprehensive risk assessment on identified critical assets, by identifying threats, vulnerabilities and measurement of control effectiveness.

IT Security Management

Our experts provide security consulting on managing risks identified in security risk assessment exercises.

Roadmap to improvement

The outcome of this exercise is a comprehensive report with recommendations and roadmaps aligned with your organisation goals and objectives. We will provide you with quick wins, short term and long term milestones.


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