SOC 2 Compliance and Reporting

Our simplified processes and techniques provide guaranteed SOC2 compliance and successful reporting. Rabbon helps you achieve compliance and adhere to SOC2 Trust Service Criteria.


SOC 2 reports - An assurance

A successful SOC 2 report provides an industry level assurance to peers and customers. SOC 2 Type 1 and Type 2 reports provide details about your security posture and provide assurance to stakeholders that your organisation takes cyber security seriously. We can help with all the things required to get to attestation. Our normal engagement is to provide overall project management and SOC 2 consultancy, risk assessment tool and facilitation, required documentation and internal audit. These are all typical deliverables that will help to significantly speed up the certification process as well as ensuring success during external audit.

Benefits of the Service


SOC2 compliance and attestation provides insight to the nature and security posture of your organisation.

Improved Governance

SOC2 is based on the COSO framework which ensures that organisational structure is optimised to improve governance within the organisation.

Competitive Advantage

Compliance with SOC2 TSC provides a positive reputation for your organisation and distinguishes you from your competitors who are not certified or compliant with SOC2.

SOC 2 Compliance- End to End Services

Engage Rabbon to perform SOC 2 readiness assessment to understand current compliance posture and identify gaps. Your organisation can engage Rabbon to build a SOC2 compliance Program from scratch or for maintaining your SOC 2 compliance program.Our consultants all have a business background and will ensure you get a management system that will support your business, not a system that supports a standard.
With years of experience, we have developed questionnaires, tools and methodologies which will accelerate the process of SOC 2 compliance.

Complimentary Assessment

Rabbon can provide first complimentary consulting for you to gain a bird eye view of your current compliance posture.

SOC2 readiness assessment

Our experts can provide SOC2 coaching and readiness assessments to identify gaps and remediate the identified gaps.

Trust Service Criteria(TSC) Selection

Your organisation need not comply with all TSCs. Our experts will help you identify TSC applicable for your organisation.

SOC Type 1 and Type 2 Reports

We will provide comprehensive SOC Type 1 and Type 2 reports aligned with recommendations from AICPA.


Improve your Cybersecurity operations by becoming SOC2 compliant.