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Information security management system (ISMS) is a well structured and organised methodology to manage security within an organisation. It ensures policies, procedures and objectives are created, communicated, evaluated and implemented to safeguard the organisation’s overall information security systems.

The arrangement of this system usually depends on the organisation’s needs, objectives, size, processes and security requirements. Usually, an ISMS is based on ISO 27001:2013.  It offers businesses an industry standard framework to manage information security with numerous controls that keep data secure from various threats.

An ISMS’s risk management process includes organisational structures, people, policies, processes and IT systems. An organisation’s objectives determine ISMS implementation, the security requirements’ size and structure and the employed procedures.

Why You Need an Information Security Management System

The rise of data breaches globally has emphasised the need for information security in all industries. Every breach has significant financial and legal damages, so businesses that hold valuable information, such as customer data, must ensure that information/data is protected by implementing security control recognised by international standards. Developing and implementing ISMS based on ISO 27001 ensures a good level of protection against cyber threats.

Information security essentially means managing and mitigating threats and vulnerabilities to assets. It also balances the management effort put into potential threats and vulnerabilities by estimating the probability of them actually happening.

Once a threat or vulnerability is identified and determined to impact IT assets negatively, mitigation is quickly enacted to stop it. That mitigation plan depends on which IT domain the threat or vulnerability resides in. 

Organisations can gain the trust of their clients and associates as implementing ISMS demonstrates the organisation’s commitment to data and information security.

Who Is Responsible for Your Business’ ISMS

An ISMS is commonly developed by a team created by IT stakeholders, board members and external specialists. That team is then tasked to design, implement and maintain policies in compliance with International Organization for Standardization 27001 or ISO 27001, the international standard for information security management systems. 

If you want to maintain strong information security across all areas of your organisation, you need an ISMS compliant with ISO 27001.

The Role of ISO 27001 in Information Security Management

ISO 27001 is a category of international standards developed by ISO and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), outlining the criteria for businesses to follow in maintaining the security of their information assets. ISO 27001 was designed around the Plan-Do-Check-Act (PCDA) model, which means:

  • PLAN, or how the team defines the organisation’s problem, then collects data to determine potential security threats and vulnerabilities.
  • DO, or how the team develops and implements a solution and establishes controls that determine the effectiveness of the solution.
  • CHECK, or how the team uses control measurement and compares before implementing the solution and offer.
  • ACT, or how the team documents the solution results, noting the changes needed in the subsequent PCDA evaluation.


An ISMS helps you protect critical data, including business and client information, allowing you to conduct business operations in peace without fear of any danger.Having a reliable Information Security Management System in place ensures that your organisation is prepared for any threats and attacks against it. An ISMS plays a significant role in ISO 27001 Compliance and Certification. Moreover, ensuring that your ISMS is ISO 27001-certified guarantees that it is up to par with international information security standards. 

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