Vendor Risk Assessment

A robust vendor risk management program can leverage third-party and vendor relationships to create value across your organisation.


Lift the veil to reveal Vendor Cyber Risks

The potential impact of high-risk vendors can be an operational nightmare and have a material impact on your business. The key to mitigating this risk is to implement a vendor risk management program that allows you to monitor and identify non-compliant vendors so that you can react and address issues as quickly as possible.

Benefits of the Vendor Risk Assessment

Industry Standards

A comprehensive questionnaire to address cyber risks aligned with industry standards like ISO27001 or NIST and an option to include questions aligned with your custom security requirements.

Vendor Confidence

A comprehensive risk ranking of the vendor provides you the level of confidence in the vendor.A mathematically calculated risk score of engagement with vendor.

Informed Decisions

Make decisions on the engagement with vendors based on risk score and vendor’s commitment to cybersecurity.

New to Vendor Risk Assessment?

Rabbon will help you build a Vendor Risk Management Program. Our experts will prepare questionnaires aligned with your business goals, process and help you procure solutions to perform Vendor Risk Assessment. Engage Rabbon to perform a vendor or third party risk assessment to understand the vendor's commitment to cyber security. Our highly trained consultants will perform assessment based on interviews, document analysis and provide a risk score of engaging with the vendor.


We start with defining the scope of the assessment. At this stage, we will collect all data related to the vendor, the solution they offering and their response to your RFP.

Developing a questionnaire

Based on the scope and we will develop a questionnaire, that can be sent to the vendor. We can provide access to our VRMP solution Simple GRC to the vendor where they can submit the responses to our questionnaire.

Performing Risk Assessments

Based on the response provided by the vendor we will perform risk assessments using ISO 31000 methodology.

Deliver a report to stakeholders

We will deliver an accurate report to the relevant stakeholders. Our report will include our recommendation about the vendor, our findings, result of the risk assessment.


Mitigate Vendor cyber risks with our detailed assessment.