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If you’ve used the Internet at any point within the last few years, you’ve probably encountered discussions about data privacy at some point. Before concerns about data privacy surfaced, it seemed harmless to volunteer your information online. However, as technology has grown more sophisticated, so have hackers, innovating ways to commit identity theft and fraud by skimming other people’s personal details.

Due to the Internet’s rapid growth, data has become the most in-demand commodity, which means companies are vying for your information to sell it off to third parties, who are likely to use it for less than ethical reasons. For these reasons, it’s crucial to understand what data privacy is and how it affects your organisation. Here’s what you need to know:

What is Data Privacy?

Data privacy is a form of data protection that focuses on appropriately handling sensitive, confidential data such as personal data, financial data, and intellectual property data to fulfil regulatory requirements and protect the data from malicious use. 

Data protection covers three categories. These are referred to as traditional data protection, like backup and restore copies, data privacy, and data security. Organisations must ensure their confidential and personal data privacy, which must be the goal in their data privacy efforts. That way, they can achieve the continual availability of their most crucial data. Working with cyber security consultants in Sydney can help your enterprise fill any security gaps and ensure that your data is adequately locked behind impenetrable security measures.

What are the Australian Privacy Principles?

The Australian Privacy Principles or APPs are the foundation for the privacy protection framework in the Privacy Act 1988, known as the Privacy Act. These apply to all organisations or agencies handling Personally Identifiable Information or PII, requiring them to manage such information responsibly and protect them from hackers. The act is the primary Australian legislation concerning the protection of personal information about individuals. 

According to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner, thirteen principles govern the obligations, standards, and rights in data privacy. These involve the collection, use, and disclosure of personal information, the organisation or agency’s governance and accountability, the integrity and correction of personal information, and the rights of individuals to access their personal data. Breaching an APP can subject your organisation to regulatory action and penalties, making compliance essential.

Why is Data Privacy Crucial?

Data privacy is a crucial aspect of businesses. Given the increasing awareness of it, customers want to make sure that the company they’re engaging with isn’t carting off their personal information to third parties. Additionally, data is arguably the most critical asset of a business, especially in an economy that rewards the collection, sharing, and usage of data about customers or users from social media. 

Cyber security consulting firms encourage businesses to exercise transparency in requesting consent from customers to store personal data and abide by privacy policies. All of these are crucial in building trust with customers, who expect privacy from all their transactions. To ensure compliance with Australia’s data laws, particularly the Australian Privacy Principles, you should consult a cyber security analyst, who will review your data security management and recommend best practices to implement.


Data privacy is an often confusing and complex concept. Businesses may confuse it with data security, leading them into thinking they are compliant simply by securing personal and confidential data from hackers. However, data security shields data from compromise and unauthorised access, and data privacy regulates how data is gathered, shared, and used. By working with cyber security consulting firms, you can ensure that your organisation is on top of all data privacy practices.

Rabbon provides Privacy Consulting helping organisations keep their cyber risks to a minimum. We ensure that our clients are compliant and maintain their position with Privacy Act 1988 using CI/CD Pipeline methodology. Contact us today to get started!

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