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Many risks are involved when it comes to running a business, and now that we’ve stormed into the digital age, another risk we need to consider is our cybersecurity. Today, cyber criminals have gotten smarter, creating malware and software that could penetrate the walls of any business. 

Fortunately, GRC or Governance, Risk and Compliance can help align your IT efforts and business objectives to manage risks efficiently, without compromising compliance. So essentially, GRC is a strategy that helps organisations manage their governance while managing risks and compliance requirements.

Seeing as cybersecurity and GRC can be overwhelming, working with cybersecurity consultants is ideal. They’ll have you design a well-planned GRC strategy that will allow you to reap its benefits, such as improved decision-making, high IT investments, reduced fragmentation, and more. 

How Does GRC Work?

The objective of a GRC framework is to help organisations with their leadership and operation efforts, ensuring they get sufficient IT support that will help them reach business goals. With the right framework, organisations will be able to measure their campaigns and results to see the effectiveness of their GRC efforts.

In that regard, organisations work with GRC consultants to develop a Cyber GRC framework that would fit their standards.

What Makes a Successful GRC Implementation?

Although improved decision-making, portfolio and resource management, risk management, and compliance are the mechanisms that help a GRC framework to function, it won’t be as effective if your leader doesn’t support cultural change. 

This means that understanding your organisation’s culture evolution is crucial to create a flexible framework that will hit all targets without compromising the culture of your team.

Who Can Implement a GRC?

Fortunately, any company can employ a GRC — whether you’re a private or public, small- or large-sized business. You just need to have the common goal of aligning IT activities to your business goals, managing your risks, and staying on top of compliance. 

Before, teams would always push for higher revenue, but today, organisations are pushing for higher education and implementing GRC to ensure that institutions provide resources, teach, and research for student success.

Are There GRC Solutions We Could Use? What Do They Do?

A GRC solution allows you to build and align policies and controls to create a map that will allow them to hit compliance requirements. Often, these GRC tools are cloud-based, integrating automation in your workflow, which has been proven to boost efficiency and produce straightforward systems. 

Rabbon’s GRC software Solution is a cloud-native application that utilises availability, security, and compliance benefits all in one cloud. And to comply with local regulations, you can host on  SIMPLE GRC Software Solution in any cloud location. 

SIMPLE is compliant with ASD Essential 8, a series of baseline mitigation strategies that mitigate cybersecurity incidents. With that, this is an efficient solution for Australian clients.


What Does This GRC Software Offer?

  • Enterprise Risk Management: With a GRC tool, you can identify, assess, and prepare your company for potential risks that interfere with your operations and objectives. You can implement policies and internal protocols your team can practice to manage, assess, and improve control over your activities.
  • Security Incident Management: GRC has aligned with CKC or Cyber Kill Chain framework that documents and manages security incidents. This way, you’ll have a clearer view of your vulnerabilities and risks.
  • Third-Party Risk Management: You can mitigate your third-party risks by managing various vendors efficiently through one platform.
  • Audit and Control Management: Create a more streamlined audit process and align all your internal controls. You can do this by generating reports and automating and tracking your workflow through the software.
  • Compliance Management: The best way to automate compliance management is by using a tool that will eliminate the complexities and inefficiencies of spreadsheets and emails.

The Bottom Line: Implementing GRC Is A Game-Changer

As your organisation expands, risks will surely pile up. With that being said, it’s best to employ tools that would help mitigate risks while staying on top of compliance requirements.

Cybersecurity consultants recommend Rabbon’s GRC software as it ticks all the essentials your business needs to streamline your workflow, manage your risks, and comply with all local regulations.

Why Choose Us?

Rabbon is a team of cybersecurity consultants that offer effective cyber solutions that help minimise risks in your company. We offer GRC tools, providing you with a better way to manage your risk and compliance. Book a demo today!

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